Hockey is fun to watch??

Even though I would rather have the Nashville Predators still in the hunt for the Stanley Cup (they got swept 4-0 in undramatic fashion, by the Avalanche), watching the NHL playoffs this season has been extremely enjoyable. I sort of latched on to the Avalanche (because if they win the cup, at least the Predators can say they lost to the champs) and the NY Rangers. I can’t really say when or how it happened with the Rangers, but I’m on board for an NHL Stanley Cup win for them!

It may have been when Mika Zibanejad scored a goal in 4 straight playoff games that I thought, “This team is fun to watch!” Or the incredible goal-defending of Igor Shesterkin. Or it may be that they’re currently facing the two-time defending champions, Tampa Bay Lightning. I’m always one to pull for the underdogs.

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One thing that’s surprised me this year is watching a handful of short-handed goals. That’s when a team that’s on a power play (5 players vs. 4 players) gets scored on by the team with less players! It’s kind of crazy and really shouldn’t happen, but I’ve seen it happen 4 times in the last few weeks.

On top of that excitement, I think I’m realizing just how good these professionals are with a stick and a puck. The passes, the shooting, the pinpoint accuracy and agility on skates is simply incredible.

Have you been watching the playoffs this year? What’s been something you enjoy about it? Chime in below and go Rangers!

-Out of the Wilderness

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