Camping at Lake Griffin State Park, Florida!

I think it’s impossible to visit a town called Fruitland Park and not be in a good mood! On my trek around Florida, I’ve stopped in this town to camp at Lake Griffin State Park for a few days. I definitely prefer parks that have some sort of water nearby whether it’s the ocean, a lake, river, or spring. This particular one is situated near, you guess it… a lake! Word to the wise, though, if you want to reach the lake you better bring a motor! I paddled for 17 days with just myself and Wilson the volleyball and never reached it. Wait, I might be mixing up my story with Castaway.

Annnnyways, I also had great neighbors at the campsite. Honestly, this really could make or break a camp experience. My parents camped at a park I won’t mention by name and there were people smoking at the site next to them. The breeze brought all that stink right into my parent’s trailer! Not cool. Also, smoking is bad for you, kids.

One neighbor brought over a homemade slice of pizza and even though I’m vegan (yes, I’ll tell you that unprompted :)) I ate as much of it as I could and it was delicious! On the other side were campers in a pop up. Like me, they’re new to camping and you can follow them on Instagram @PoppinUpPolly. I’m so glad I met them and hanging out brought a lot of laughs!

Ok, back to the park! Activities include kayaking, boating, fishing, fitness, walking dogs, picking up those dogs poops, laundry, showers, hiking, biking, napping, watching hockey, volleyball, not getting bit by alligators or snakes, and other fun stuff. The staff is great, the wildlife, too. I heard there were armadillos but I’m STILL in search of a baby armadillo I can bring home as my new bestest friend.

There were lots of folks (and an opportunistic alligator) fishing near the boat ramp area. I used the park exercise equipment (sort of like circuit training under the trees). I also became friends with the second oldest live oak tree in Florida. You might be in second place, but you’re first in my heart, big guy!

If you’ve made it this far, God bless you. No more words from me. Just pictures. Let me know if you have a favorite picture, comment down at the bottom of this post!

bird catching a dragon fly

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-Out of the Wilderness

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