Do I have to eat it, too?

I’ve stuck to a vegan diet for many years now and I’ve adopted a silly approach to some food. Usually it’s a dessert, to be honest. Because the tasty treats usually have dairy/eggs, I won’t eat them and I’m totally fine with that. Those aren’t the foods I miss the most (pizza is #1). So this thing I do sometimes is a little weird… I will sniff to get the aroma of the dessert. The scent alone is enough. Why would I need to eat it, too? Well, you may say that tasting it is the best pleasure. I don’t know if I agree with that because the scent is often great, reminding me of the taste without all the drawbacks of calories, fat, etc.

Think about all of our senses. Catching a whiff of a chocolate chip cookie is the sense of smell. Eating it is the sense of taste. Isn’t pleasing two senses a bit much?

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When I see a nice photo, I don’t feel the need to eat it, too. When I hear a song, I don’t crave it’s flavor. If I get a massage, I don’t feel the need to taste the massage oil. I’m just suggesting that one sense ought to be enough, right?

*Looks around for anyone to affirm my ludicrous thoughts*

When it comes to food, and if you are struggling with a bad diet, try smelling the food you want to eat and see if that satisfies your desires enough that you don’t need to eat the food, too. It’s actually backed by a study. Check out this article to find out more about the science behind smelling vs. eating.

Thanks for whiffing by…

-Out of the Wilderness


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