The abandoned graffiti skate park

I was pretty pumped to go to the local fair to take photos of rides, lights, and colorful things all around me. Unfortunately I learned when I arrived that it wasn’t open till about 4 hours later. Bummer! It was time to make a new plan so in order to not have a worthless trip, I took a few photos of the fair from outside the fence.

There’s a nice area nearby called Cascades Park so I drove over there for photo potential. I walked around the little lake and found a pedestrian bridge.

After that, a nice fellow asked if I was looking for places to photograph and then told me about a DIY Skate Park, as he called it. It was just a couple of blocks away so I walked up there, having no idea what I was about to see. So much color. So much abandonment. It was incredible.

The area wasn’t fenced off so I walked through the old skate park, who knows how long it’s been there. So much graffiti with artwork, phrases, designs, and color.

I got a few close-ups, too, appreciating the rich and bright colors as well as the extraordinary, no no, the extraTERRESTRIAL things I was seeing.

This was a real treat to see. If you’re the guy who told me about it, thanks! I still need to check out another place he recommended but I’ll keep it to myself until I can get over there for more photos. I’ll leave you with a collage of graffiti images which you can download or purchase on my SmugMug page.

Thanks for dropping in!

-Out of the Wilderness


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