Ambulance Movie Review – Race, Homosexuality, and Unrealistic Driving

The white guys are rich, arrogant, naive or aloof. The white woman is a lesbian. The hispanic woman is always angry. The black woman is a loving and devoted wife. The black men are righteous, heroic, family oriented, and that’s including the guy who’s one of the main criminals! Can you guess which movie I’m talking about? It could almost be any Hollywood movie these days, but I just watched Ambulance. In this movie, there’s more time spent on praising the criminal as a hero, culminating in the scene were the white cop is asked to point to the guy who shot him (which was the black criminal, not the white criminal). He lifts a weak finger up, points to the black guy and says, “He saved my life.” It’s also the same guy who shot him twice but who’s counting?

What I enjoyed in the movie is that they used humor to balance out the action and intensity of shootouts and car chases. Plus, the dog was a big hunk of cuteness. But the list of what I didn’t like is a lot longer and includes most of the scenes including a clunky ambulance, go figure, being driven around like it’s a Maserati. I’m sorry Michael Bay, but this would’ve lasted about one, maybe two police blockades in real life. Showing the ambulance and the two criminals outwit dozens and dozens of police officers, along with their sporty cop cars, is just too much to “make believe.”

I forgot to mention another of the white characters. To wrap it all up with a perfect little politically correct bow, the FBI agent is portrayed as the all-wise, all-knowing authority figure… and, of course, he’s as gay as the day is long.

See y’all tomorrow…

-Out of the Wilderness


Published by Ben Wilder

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