The Good Nurse and the great acting

This won’t be a post about whether you should watch The Good Nurse (Netflix) or not. All I can say is that Eddie Redmayne, who plays the part of the serial killer nurse, deserves to win all the awards he’s been nominated for from his role in this movie. His acting is unbelievable. I don’t know if he fully immersed himself into the role like some actors will do (from the interview below it sounds like he did quite a bit of studying), but even in the opening scene it’s easy to see what a remarkable job he did. By the end, his explosion of emotions is incredible. If you want to watch some of Eddie’s thoughts on the role, check out this interview…

It’s been a while since someone’s acting has stuck with me days after watching the movie… and this isn’t to overshadow the other great actors in the movie. Everyone did great, it’s just that Eddie’s acting was so authentic and emotional. Actually, I watched another movie last week, an old one about an erupting volcano, that I may write about. In the movie, the acting was so life-like, if that makes sense. There were moments where the conversations seemed to be plucked right out of a normal day in anyone’s life, things that wouldn’t, or maybe couldn’t, have been scripted. I LOVE that kind of acting. I’ll write about it soon but for now, I said this wouldn’t be a post about whether you should watch The Good Nurse or not, but for Eddie Redmayne’s acting alone, WATCH IT!

See y’all tomorrow…

-Out of the Wilderness


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