My favorite independent YouTube hosts

Ahead of tonight’s State of the Union Address, I thought you might be interested in checking out a few independent thinkers who host great YouTube channels. While every single thing Joe Biden says tonight will be predictable and boring (with things like “The state of our union is strong,” and “The economy is booming,” and “My administration has done better than any other before this”… like every president has said in every address), these YouTubers think freely and critically, call out bull crap, and explain how things ARE… not just how we’re TOLD they are by the elites in Washington and Los Angeles. So here’s a list of my favorites. These are in random order so first on the list is just as good as the last on the list!

The Comments Section with Brett Cooper Brett Cooper is a young actress with her finger on the pulse of American culture. She covers everything from politics and TikTok influencers to gender fights and celebrity news. This is a video blog style channel where Brett reviews other videos and adds her 2 cents from a young woman’s perspective. Refreshing!

Odins Men Mainly focusing on the cringe and wild side of TikTok (trans people, liberal nuts, etc), the host offers a logical response to the crazy stuff presented in the TikTok videos. He plays the videos, but will pause them to respond. He shows emotion, so when he’s annoyed you’ll know it and I appreciate that! In addition to that and to clarify, he doesn’t overreact but he’ll use his words (I know, that’s a foreign idea in 2023) to explain why he thinks the videos are absurd.

Don’t Walk, RUN! Productions This channel is primary focused on politics and I’m always very impressed with the depth of research presented as they make their points. For instance, if Joe Biden references some rule or law we’ve never heard of, this channel will find it and explain it in context. Level-headed and not worried about calling out the hypocrisy in Washington, DC.

The Officer Tatum Mr. Tatum is the most animated (well, it might be a tie between him and Russell Brand) and offers a great perspective on politics and American culture. He is conservative and if I can be honest, makes conservative look cool. His catchphrase “Let’s get into this” is something I’ve caught myself saying because, well, it’s catchy. I believe he’s a Christian, too, so he’ll talk about how crazy things are in society from the perspective of a conservative, a man, a Christian, and/or a husband.

Russell Brand This one has surprised me the most in the last year or so. Russell Brand, who was once married to Katy Perry if that helps paint a picture for you about him, is an actor and I think he was once pretty liberal. Actually, he might still be liberal but I’m very impressed with his knowledge of American politics and his ability to sift through the BS to expose what’s really happening. He backs up his thoughts with news articles, quotes from politicians and leaders, and he’s downright entertaining. I find myself laughing as he reacts and dreams up stories about how conversations might go behind the scenes. He’s great.

Michael Knowles Michael Knowles is part of the team at The Daily Wire. The videos I watch and enjoy the most are the ones where he reacts to a music video, dissects a video from AOC, or just generally decimates the hypocrisy from the most left leftists. His presentation is calm but assured with sprinkles of humor, and great editing I might add.

Zeducation Tyler Zed does meme reviews, things didn’t age well, and generally just reviews absurd things found in society and on the internet. Similar to Brett Cooper, it’s is a vlog style channel with clever editing and lots of humor. Tyler is a young guy who knows a lot about what’s popular with those in their 20s and 30s (reddit, 4chan, whatever that is), and he offers a conservative perspective on popular culture.

Do you have any to add to the list? Chime in below and I’ll see you tomorrow…

-Out of the Wilderness


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