Non-compete clauses at Burger King?

This was over an hour-long SNL skit, right? Yesterday Joe Biden gave another State of the Union Address, and just like my favorite kind of movies it had drama, humor, action, and all the thrills a room full of old people can muster up. In fact, more than once Joe commented on how old everyone in the room was. Isn’t that kind of the problem, these days? It’s why “term limits” is something most people, whether liberal or conservative, support. New blood, as the phrase goes.

Aside from calling everyone old multiple times, Joe Biden had a handful of odd comments and even more unintelligible words. I guess that’s not really surprising, not nearly as surprising as his comment about eliminating oil altogether. He said we’ll need oil (for cars) for at least another decade. Ten years! I can think of things I don’t even like that are going to last longer than ten years, much less something as integrated into the fabric of America as oil. This MUST be a comedy sketch. That’s why his proclamation was met with the loudest laughs of the evening, coming from those that know the use of gas vehicles isn’t going anywhere. Isn’t America about free will, choice, and competition? If someone wants to buy an electric vehicle, that’s awesome. If someone else wants a gas-guzzling 4×4 Chevy, go for it. I believe so strongly that the government should NEVER tell us what we want and how we want it. Biden (and most liberals in the media) seem to think otherwise. Of course, the Democrats love looking for someone to be their daddy, so none of their delusions surprise me anymore.

And speaking of competition, Biden said a person working in fast food can’t go across the street and work for a competitor because of non-compete clauses. Um, what? Never heard of that. I wish he’d said that Burger King needs to pull all their “Whopper, whopper” commercials, for this reason and this reason alone.

There’s a lot to pick apart from this “how we’re doing” speech last night and some news stations and YouTube channels will be all about it… but, as my mother pointed out, it sounded more like a campaign speech. If this is the beginning of his 2024 campaign, America is in for a rough ride the next two years. My only hope is that people tuned in long enough to listen to the rebuttal from Sarah Huckabee Sanders. If Biden’s words brought about hopelessness, hers were the refreshing hopeful words we needed to hear.

Democrats can only blast “old, white men” for so long before the rest of America realizes Democrats elected the oldest, whitest man to be President. If they make up rules for everyone else but don’t follow the rules themselves, why are there any rules at all? But also, be sure to not sign that non-compete thing all you fast food workers!

-Out of the Wilderness


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