My dad used to drink and drive

dont-drink-and-drive-sign-k-8676When I was a little kid, I often saw commercials that said, “Don’t drink and drive,” and then I’d see my dad drinking while he was driving. It was usually on long trips to visit family in Florida that I remember this happening. And with 4 rowdy kids in the back with no batteries in their Gameboys, could you really blame him?

But before I get in trouble with my dad, I’ll make it crystal clear for you; he didn’t drink alcohol while he was driving. It was usually coffee or ice water. But all I remember from those TV ads is the warning, and so I thought my dad was breaking the law every time we had a family vacation.

I should’ve spoken up. You know, so I wasn’t aiding and abetting a felon! But then I’d find batteries between the crack in my seat and start playing Tetris.

-Out of the Wilderness