Soul change or just behavior modification?

We all understand an alcoholic’s behavior. Phrases like, “I can quit whenever I want” and “I’m not an alcoholic” are so common and even the punchline to jokes on TV and in movies. But let’s say an alcoholic conquers the addiction and actually becomes sober. Great! Awesome! So with this change in the person’s life,Continue reading “Soul change or just behavior modification?”

When will Macklemore and Kesha “Good Old Days” video reach 1M views?

Macklemore’s video for “Good Old Days” was made public this morning, and this off the heals of his other video for “Glorious.” You can check out his latest video below but I wanted to say rather quickly and to the point: At the time of this post, the video is getting 1,000 hits per minutes.Continue reading “When will Macklemore and Kesha “Good Old Days” video reach 1M views?”