Record Album Covers: Who Approved These??

Thanks for checking out these embarrassingly awesome record covers.

First up, these folks giving us the sounds of fresh water… in stereo!! What are the guitars for?

Next up, this guy. Bonus! A personal message and an autograph. 2

I bet you wish you could have Melanie perform at your birthday party. Darn you, Margie!3 3b

Carol Hensel was “fit” before Wii was. 4

Funny Record Album Covers: Part 1

Nothing says “You are special to me” like these fantastic records.

You’d think Don Costa could’ve sprung for a few more roses, or at least a bigger one.

Let’s just hope Tommy doesn’t have a guitar for every affair. That’s 50 women! Talk about going viral.2

Please don’t ever leaf me!3

This guy knows what he wants, and by the bullets around his waist, I’d say he’s gonna get it. 4

I guarantee you watching a performance by these folks is someone’s sad side of life. 5

Check back later for more hilarious album covers!