Oops… I did it again

There I am laying on the couch, it’s about 11pm. The very cute Pitch Perfect 2 star Anna Kendrick just wrapped up Egg Russian Roulette on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, and up next is the muscly Terry Crews. Take a break and watch him kill in this Old Spice commercial:

So the plan was to watch the entire show, because I really wanted to see Nate Ruess perform as the musical guest. I said to myself, “I’m just gonna shut my eyes and listen till Nate performs.” Huge mistake.

I woke up halfway through Late Night with Seth Meyers.

If I’ve done it once, I’ve done it a thousand times. I close my eyes with the best intentions and wake up… well, I wake up, which was totally not part of the plan because I wasn’t supposed to fall asleep to begin with. Next time I decide to “rest my eyes,” I need to think again. What’ll happen is more predictable than Jimmy getting egg on his face!

-Out of the Wilderness