Liberty Bad Actor Commercial – Liberty Bibberty and more funny stuff

When any Liberty Mutual commercial comes on TV, am I the only one who almost always involuntarily says “Liberty bibberty”? As the classic quote from the 90s goes, I LEARNED IT BY WATCHING YOU! That is, I learned it by watching this ad from Liberty (and be sure to scroll down for the hilarious extendedContinue reading “Liberty Bad Actor Commercial – Liberty Bibberty and more funny stuff”

The woman in Kip Moore’s “Blonde” video

Kip Moore’s latest video features a female lead who starts off like your every day girl-next-door; red plaid shirt, ripped jeans and all. But big-time success soon turns her into a different person; less clothing, new hair, and of course, forgetting where she came from. Take a look… Now, you might be thinking the womanContinue reading “The woman in Kip Moore’s “Blonde” video”