When You’re At Rock Bottom

Initially I wasn’t going to write about anything so personal. There’s a line between being honest with people and sharing too much information, right? For example:

Honest: Today I spent more money than I should of on something I only bought because I’m lonely.

Too Much Information: Today I found an armadillo on the side of the road and ….. well, did you enjoy dinner?

Honest: I was in an argument with a friend of mine, and I was wrong. I need to apologize.

Too Much Information: I was in an argument with a friend of mine because she thinks I need to take showers every day. I need to apologize for ever thinking she can be my friend again.

So yes, there’s an important line to be aware of. Personal hygiene, choice of roadkill dinner, keep that to myself. Noted. But on the way home from work recently I thought about a low point in my life. Those low points just plain suck. They’re not fun. They usually show no signs of being fixed. And if I’m out of it now, I’m barely out of it. Then today it finally made sense: In these low moments, that’s where the foundation is built. You don’t build a house with the roof first. It starts down in the dirt. Even below ground level. It’s messy and sometimes painful. But it’s rock solid and it holds strong.

So please be encouraged the same way I am, that when you feel like you’re at rock bottom, I hope you are. Because it could be part of something bigger happening, and it all starts at the foundation.

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