She. She. She.
She turned his world upside down.
Walking around
Thinking about the best thing he ever found.
His life the glass, her life the rock.
Shattered faster than a plastic lock.
To an ocean dock,
She tied him up and began to heal
more than the idea, it was his heart, his ability to feel.
She was a steal.
He was willing to be a part of the deal
That kept her around day and night.

She. She.She.
She gave him a new definition of good.
The hand he held, it was good.
The smile he saw, it was good.
The plans they made, they were good.
He could and she could became they would.
She changed him for good.

She. She. She.
Different than the ones before.
A friend and so much more.
So pretty and barely knew it.
With an attitude and the ability to prove it.
An international improvement.
His heart beat faster at her slightest movement.
She fills him up like a breakfast bowl.
A peace to the restless soul.

He loved himself the most,
He’d often toast the single life.
It was nice being free,
But he’d agree
Freedom’s not nearly as pretty as she.


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