Miracles, What Are They Anyway?

After barely making the playoffs, your favorite hockey team wins the Stanley Cup. Not a miracle.

Speeding down the highway in the pouring rain, just missing the jack-knifed semi-truck trailer. Not a miracle.

A man turning water into wine. Miracle.

The word miracle is far too often associated with something that is simply not miraculous. It’s a word that is overused, like a standing ovation during American Idol performances. When the audience stands and cheers after every performance, the honor of a standing ovation is lost. If a miracle is God acting in a situation, then anything that happens naturally is not a miracle. Take the stories from the Bible: Jesus turning water into wine, Moses parting the Red Sea, Lazarus coming out of the grave… these are miracles. Water never turns into wine. The Red Sea never splits in two. Death has never released it’s grip on anyone (up to that point). I’m sorry, the last I checked, a baby being born is not a miracle. Why? Because reproduction is the way humans were designed. It’s what is supposed to happen. It’s natural. It seems miracles occur in specific instances for specific reasons, mostly to make people aware of God’s presence. While there are plenty of other ways to see God- in nature, in people, in the birth of a baby- miracles are extremely rare, and extremely unnatural. The exciting part is when you do witness a true miracle, I have a feeling you won’t be able to keep from giving God a standing ovation. Or at least tweeting about it.

3 thoughts on “Miracles, What Are They Anyway?

  1. Faith produces miracles, we can never understand it with the natural senses. Miracles are unprecedented happenings mostly biblical. They broke the roof open and lower the bed on which their friend was to the spot where Jesus was . People where all saying we have never seen anything like these before!

  2. Happened upon your blog by accident but really loved your comments. In college we had to write about miracles and its seemed like the whole class was caught up on the “everytime a baby is born i” or “every time there is a rainbow in the sky” its a miracle. At the time we were discussing Jesus divinity and the evidence provided by miracles. It was frustrating that people were not willing to define a miracle as clearly as you have. I tried…I wish I had your wording. You hit the nail on the head. Thanks

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