The Bachelor: The 25 Women Ben Flajnik Will Choose From (and how to say his name)

Ben Flajnik (pronounced flannick) is about the live the dream as the 25 eligible women were announced for The Bachelor 2012. If you’re anything like me (and the women who sit near me at work), you’re greatly disappointed by the choices. There are a few standouts, but for a show that gave us the crazies (Michelle Money) and the mentally disturbed (Allie “My Eggs Are Rotting” Garcia-Sierra), this group of single ladies looks quite average. The ladies who sit next to me even snickered that they are better looking than all the girls picked for this season of the Bachelor. Poor Ben, right? Wrong! In this group of mediocrity, he’ll discover the gems that are Anna, Dianna, Elyse and Nicki. Unfortunately, he’ll also discover the lead balloons that are Amber T., Courtney and Holly. So ABC has already began the season on my naughty list (gimmicks are not necessary, ie. 70 year old contestant Cheryl), which is nothing new given that last season they had a guy wearing a mask for almost the entire duration of his time on the show. No matter, when Ben Ben gets wind that she goes to bed at 5:30pm every day in the bachelorette mansion, wisdom will prevail and he’ll send her to her oldest son’s home to rest quietly and watch the grandkids play.

That’s all for now, check back for Bachelor updates as the next season premiere approaches!

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