Live Commentary on The Bachelor: The Women Tell All (Ben Flajnik)

These updates are in Central standard time. Enjoy!

8:43 my guess is that in the finale next week, Courtney wins and Ben loses.

8:42 the soup was so good. Now I’m thinking about a grilled cheese.

7:45 saved by the chicken noodle soup. Dinner time, I’ll update if/when I’m bored enough to.

7:43 I woke up with a fever and headache this morning. This show is making both worse!

7:42 Emily shares the secret of men. Chris says the show is over.

7:41 am I wasting my time watching this show?

7:39 Emily on the hot seat. I wonder if my chicken noodle soup is ready yet.

7:38 highlights of Emily’s run on The Bachelor.

7:32 Emily tells Shawntel she’s gorgeous.

7:31 why do over half of these returning women look more orange than ever?

7:30 oh, no… he didn’t. Nevermind.

7:29 I think Chris Harrison just said “thong.”

7:29 I don’t know why she keeps coming back to The Bachelor. It’s not like the show has a track record for success.

7:27 plenty of people in Nashville die, she could find work here, right?

7:26 Shawntel N. crashes the party, yet again. Alls I know is that this Ben, would drop the other 25 to date her.

7:23 during the commercial break I explained to my dogs why daddy has to watch this show. “Life isn’t black and white,” I said. “To us, it is,” they replied.

7:21 Brittney calls Samantha a chihuahua.

7:19 Sigh.

7:17 Jaclyn interrupts Blakeley while she’s talking.

7:16 my chicken noodle soup is heating up. This show is the worst.

7:15 Blakeley is in the crosshairs as we hear some of the women trash talk about her behind her back.

7:14 Chris tosses to highlights of the season, with voiceovers by the women.

7:12 Amber T., Monica, Jamie, Samantha, Jaclyn, Erika, Brittney, Elyse, Jenna, Jennifer, Rachel, Casey S., Blakeley, Emily, Nicki, Kacie B. are introduced.

7:09 wondering if I should heat up some chicken noodle soup. I’m kinda hungry, but kinda not.

7:07 Ali recaps what happened between her and Roberto.

7:06 Ryan P. chats more about water heaters, but again, they cut away before he gives the advice I really really want to hear! Are tankless water heaters the wave of the future? I need to know.

7:05 Highlights of some kind of Bachelor reunion in Vegas. I’m having flashbacks of frat parties I was never invited to in college.

7:04 Chris tells the audience that Courtney will make an appearance in the show. Pan the audience of women and a few boyfriends clapping.

7:03 Chris Harrison introduces himself. He says this has been the most controversial season in the show’s history.

7pm. Highlights of the upcoming show.


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