Think Outside the Box

The problem with everyone thinking outside the box is that now everyone is thinking outside the box. It’s actually more original to think inside the box. Afterall, didn’t the box have some good stuff inside? All of the sudden no one wants anything to do with the box, but what did the box ever do to us? We just decided, “Oh, we don’t like boxes. We don’t like being taped up and secure. We don’t like FedEx shipping us at a flat rate.” Well, what the heck are you going to use when you wrap Christmas gifts this year? Write this down: thinking inside the box is the new thinking outside the box. It’s like in football when coaches call a timeout to ice the kicker before an important field goal. By all standards, that’s thinking outside the box. But to truly ice the kicker, you need to get back inside the box… by not calling a timeout which will surprise the kicker who was expecting you to call a timeout.

To summarize, when someone in your next meeting says to “think outside the box,” throw a red bow in their face and say, “Merry Christmas, boxist!” Then go find a box and pack up your things because you’ll probably get fired.


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