I met her at a thrift store

The her in this story is somewhat of a stretch. Let me explain, I found this mannequin at ThriftSmart yesterday. 1Unlike my dates with real girls, I took her home. She’s being awfully quiet but I guess I shouldn’t expect much. No girl that lives in my house has every said a single word.
20150315_140244 20150315_140340
-Out of the Wilderness

6 thoughts on “I met her at a thrift store

  1. Well, mostly she hangs out in the back of a storage closet that is currently so full of junk I can hardly stand it. She is a tolerably good dust collector. But I’ve also taken her to events where we’ve had booths and put her in a ThriftSmart apron, given her a sign to hold, draped her in scarves, bags, etc. You know. The usual.

  2. Love it. Thanks for a) sharing the thrift find and b) not stealing mine. I have an identical metal woman in a storage closet at ThriftSmart for events and the first thought when I saw your photo was, “Who the heck got into our storage closet and sold my mannequin?” But I found mine safe and sound. Someone apparently donated her twin. Lucky you, eh?

    Enjoy the silence.

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