Is Luke Bryan’s “Strip It Down” a subtle nod to swingers and chop shops?

It’s Luke Bryan, so pretty much no matter what the video looks like, fans are going to be gushing over it. And it’s true for his latest video featuring the song, “Strip It Down.” Although from some fan comments online, they seem to be gushing over the Chevy truck just as much as the singer.

The 2015 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab retails around $60,000. The model in the video might be a 2014, but based on the headlights, let’s go with 2015.
maxresdefaultThe Bentley? It’s a model called The Mulsanne Speed (guessing it’s a 2015 based on the rims), and it’ll set you back approximately $300,000.
Bently-Mulsanne-Speed-white-on-whiteThe gap in retail value between the two begs the question, “Why would a guy risk lending out his Bentley for a Chevy?” Well, this is where it gets juicy. What appears like a simple switch-a-too for cute dates with their wives, is actually a carefully planned out swinger swap! The first piece of evidence is right there in the video when the guys have this short exchange.

City guy: “Go easy on her, alright?”

Country guy: “Don’t scratch her!” with a smirk.

Hello!!!!!! Obviously a subtle nod to swingers everywhere. But we still don’t know why city guy would agree to let his Bentley go for a night. Duh! Country wife is PigglyWiggly-Logomarkhighreshotter. But city guy is about to pay dearly. What he didn’t know is country guy has a cousin who runs an illegal chop shop over by the Piggly Wiggly. Country guy and country wife planned this out for months while they were out riding their John Deere’s for hours and hours. Think about it, why do you think the song is called “strip it down”? They’re selling the Bentley for parts. How else will they pay for their FanDuel addiction?

It’s so obvious!

-Out of the Wilderness

Published by Ben Wilder

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