“Jesus, The Risen 1k” – Easter 2018

Happy Easter! I decided yesterday to run the same distance the disciples Peter and John ran the day they heard Jesus was no longer in the tomb. A quick backstory about that is that for the few days after Jesus was crucified and buried, the disciples and other followers pretty much went into hiding. Knowing what the Jews did to Jesus, they were afraid they’d be next.  I guess this was the first case of the witness protection program!

So it’s pretty fascinating that when these followers of Jesus were told his body was no longer in the tomb, a couple of them, Peter and John, took off running. So much for being in hiding.

My best guess is they ran about 1.2 kilometers, or roughly 0.75 miles. More on that is in this post. So today I ran in their footsteps. I challenge you to do the same today, if you have time, or next Easter, and imagine the adrenaline those folks must’ve felt as they were running and then to discover the tomb was missing one key thing… a body. Crazy and amazing stuff!

-Out of the Wilderness



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