Garmin Forerunner 245 with Music!

I only use overused cliches to be redundantly funny but after going out for my first inaugural run with this watch a few days ago, I must say it’s a real game changer!

crop unrecognizable person with smart watch in sunlight
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The image above is NOT the Garmin Forerunner 245, in fact it’s not even me. It’s the only free image I could find that I liked. So back to my first inaugural debut of a run, for all 3 miles I was… bzzzzz bzzzzzz… just as gleeful as a honey bee! I’m known for overthinking everything so it took me a while to actually go through with purchasing the smart watch (you can take a look at it on Amazon here) but even after just one run I’m so glad I did. What sets it apart is the music function. Now I’ll admit it takes a few minutes to download a Spotify playlist, and sucks down the battery while doing so but this music option is the #1 reason I was looking at getting a new watch. There are a few different Garmin models that support music playback (I have the Forerunner 245) but my experience with Garmin has been so good that I didn’t want to stray to any other brand. Plus, I’ve got fitness goals this year so I wanted to make sure data from a new watch would still sync with the system storing all my statistics.

Before the first-ever inaugural run, I was able to sync my wireless earphones that don’t have wires (also purchased on Amazon here). The phone paired with the earphones quickly and without any issues. Once outside, I activated the run option then waited for the GPS to lock in. This also was quick which is really nice! The other watch I have, Vivoactive HR, is a great watch as well but lately has been taking a loooooong time to acquire the GPS signal.

So let’s talk about the music part of the watch. For the past forever, when I run with music I have a watch on one hand, and I’m holding a phone in the other– playing Spotify through the phone speakers. I actually like this because it’s loud enough for me to hear, but not overbearing for anyone in the neighborhood or on the greenways. But when I’m sweaty, I don’t like it dripping all over my phone. Plus, I just got a new phone so I definitely don’t want that getting all nasty from sweat, or possibly malfunctioning if it gets wet where it’s not supposed to. This run with the Forerunner 245 felt weird because I wasn’t holding a phone. Seriously, it was weird but I loved it! Just a watch and headphones and I was good to go. Well, I was wearing clothes and shoes, too, but I don’t need to say that, right? It should be assumed. OK, yes, I HAVE streaked before but I would never track it with a GPS watch or anything. We don’t need any proof or record of that happening 🙂

I know it’s only been a few days and one successful run, but so far I’m very happy with this watch. The fact that I can play music through it amazes me. Also, while I was running the watch would chime in with the split time for each mile, telling me through the earphones what my time was. Really cool! I’m excited to find out what else this watch can do and I’m sure to post more in the future!

-Out of the Wilderness

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