Amy Barrett is slicing and dicing her way to the Supreme Court

I’ve watched some of the confirmation hearing of Judge Barrett and all I can ever say is that she appears to be amazing in intellect, wisdom, and self-control. Self-control… because if it were me being grilled by Senators (Democrats are crying foul this time, since Amy Barrett is being appointed by a Republican President), I would’ve made it personal very early in the hearing. What can I say, I’m sassy sometimes. Just one of the long list of reasons I’m not on the Supreme Court 🙂

Speaking of long lists… I noticed last week that the Senators prying into Mrs. Barrett’s past, her mind, and her opinions, have many papers in front of them. To get more specific, Amy Klobuchar barely ever looked up as she spoke and asked questions. She was constantly shuffling papers to come up with ways to trip Barrett up.

In contrast to this, I found a clip of the notes Barrett is using in the hearing. Take a look:

Like I said, I didn’t watch every second of the hearing but Barrett has been slicing and dicing her way through any and all attacks from the likes Diane “Let me try something else” Feinstein (who literally said, “Let me try something else” after being stumped by Barrett time and time again), and Amy Klobuchar, who is evidently sad she’s not being considered for the Supreme Court?

From what I’ve seen and heard, Barrett filling the empty seat on the Supreme Court seems like a no-brainer. Of course, Democrats can’t let themselves think logically so there will still be opposition, like when Barrett could only quickly think of 4 of the 5 rights in the First Amendment. If that’s the hill Democrats want to die on, so be it. But they should remember to not cast any stones. Their Presidential nominee thinks he’s running for the Senate.

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-Out of the Wilderness

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