Amy Barrett is slicing and dicing her way to the Supreme Court

I’ve watched some of the confirmation hearing of Judge Barrett and all I can ever say is that she appears to be amazing in intellect, wisdom, and self-control. Self-control… because if it were me being grilled by Senators (Democrats are crying foul this time, since Amy Barrett is being appointed by a Republican President), IContinue reading “Amy Barrett is slicing and dicing her way to the Supreme Court”

Joe Biden now has a VP choice and she’s not African-American…

Early on I thought Biden’s running mate would be Amy Klobuchar but as of today, August 11, 2020, Biden’s VP selection is Kamala Harris. Here is why I thought it might be Amy K. Her Democratic debate highlights include a constant push to without telling anyone how to spell Klobuchar. I’m not saying herContinue reading “Joe Biden now has a VP choice and she’s not African-American…”

Favorite moments from the Democratic debates so far

I’ve somehow managed to watch most of the Democrat debates and thought I’d list some of the most entertaining moments. Maybe that’s why I keep tuning it… because there are enough of these funny, sometimes unbelievable, encounters that can’t be made up.  Mama said knock you out. Joe Biden suggesting we need to keep punching,Continue reading “Favorite moments from the Democratic debates so far”

Amy Klobuchar as Biden’s running mate?

It’s the night the for super Tuesday and I’m huddled by the heater watching Joe Biden do a rally in Dallas Texas. The event included various local politicians and a pastor. Oh, I almost forgot a woman approached the mic to perform “Lift Every Voice and Sing” and, not to be hurtful, but she wouldContinue reading “Amy Klobuchar as Biden’s running mate?”