One night of sin in a 3-minute song from BRS Kash

Cringing as I listened to the entire song called “Throat Baby,” I felt like I needed to find a church and a priest ASAP! In my defense, I wanted to know what the song was about as it was trending at the top of SiriusXM’s Pandora station. Now I’m no saint, but I couldn’t believe the things I was hearing in the lyrics of this song. Straight trash. Feminists out there ought to be rioting in the streets.

I am not even going to post a link to the song, I wouldn’t do that to you, but I’ll say it this way… it makes Megan Thee Stallion (singer of W.A.P.) look like a nun. The song is by BRS Kash and features DaBaby and City Girls. The trio of artists managed to fit an entire night of sin into a 3-minute song that would even make shock jock radio DJ Howard Stern blush.

How is a song this vulgar and trashy in mainstream music? Oh yeah, TikTok. The song gained traction on the admirable, high-quality app that kids are obsessed with. I worry for kids (and adults) who listen to music like this regularly or even just randomly hear this particular song and assume it must be OK. I guess the responsibility of parenting kids in a world where music (and TV, movies, commercials, etc) sell sexuality so hard is of utmost importance. Who else will show the kiddos that listening to “Throat Baby” will only make your life worse, your relationships worse, think worse thoughts, and stain your view of the world in general?

Yeah, it’s that bad. I hope people who were outraged about Megan Thee Stallion are just as appalled with BRS Kash. I also hope I can unhear that song, and never hear it again.

Sidenote: the title of this post is a play off of Elvis Presley’s song “One Night of Sin” which, back then, was so controversial that they had to release a safer version for radio called “One Night With You.” I guess there is always an element of pushing the envelope in music and entertainment, but with the song I’ve been talking about in this post, there is neither the element of entertainment or music at all. It’s just trash.

OK, I’m done venting 🙂

-Out of the Wilderness

Published by Ben Wilder

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