My experience with “Fine Art America” so far…

After researching where and how I can get artwork into Hobby Lobby, I joined Fine Art America, a site where artists/photographers can upload images for sale. Images can be printed for framed art, on mugs and shirts, greeting cards, pillows, phone cases and more. It’s a really cool opportunity to share one’s photographs, which is exactly why I joined.

As a new seller, I learned that the free account allows 25 images/artwork. To upload more than that for potential sale requires a premium membership, a step I will eventually take but haven’t yet. From the 25 I have up for sale, it’s impossible to say which are my favorites (they ALL are my favorites), but here are a few from my page.

more available at FineArtAmerica

It’s really exciting to know at some point one of my images will be purchased, a validation that my photographs are cool to someone besides just me.

At the time of this post, my portfolio of images have been viewed 335 times which is awesome, however I will admit it’s discouraging that from those views, I have exactly 0 sales. Time will tell if Fine Art America is a good outlet for my photographs, or if it’s just too crowded with people selling stuff without many buyers.

Either way, it’s been a fun experience so far– challenging me to take more photos, to improve my skills in photography, and to continue learning what may or may not be in demand.

I’m sure I will post more updates as things develop, but I just wanted to document how my experience has been so far as a newby in the Fine Art America community.

Thanks for stopping by!

-Out of the Wilderness

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