Canada Goose Eggs

A friend of mine lives near a lake and always has Canadian geese squawking nearby. I’ve been over there a few times to check out the wildlife (there are also turtles) and it’s interesting to observe the behavior of the geese. I especially like when, whether they’re floating or walking around on the banks of the lake, one goose goes around pestering the others. I’d call it bullying but the goose might be defending his territory or protecting another goose for all I know.

Recently, though, my friend sent me a picture of one of the geese laying on a nest. Babies!!! They are on the way but when I visited a few days ago, there were still unhatched eggs being protected by the female and male. Here are a few pics from my recent visit.

Other goose eggs have already hatched so it’ll be any day now for these, that are really close to my friend’s home.

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-Out of the Wilderness

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