Robin Eggs – Three Hatched, One To Go…

A quick update on the robin eggs in my front yard that I’ve been posting about… In the beginning there were four eggs. It was a fun surprise to discover the nest when I was mowing and ever since then, I’ve been peeking in to check the progress. The mom is quick to flutter away when I get close which gives me a chance to see the eggs, or as I recently updated, the two newborns. Well, it’s time for another update!

The two little hatchlings had to make room for a third because, yes, now three of the four eggs have hatched!

At this stage it’s difficult to discern one from the other because they’re basically hairless, and flop over wherever they are until they get some muscles. But as far as I can tell, they’re doing fine.

They are still waiting on their last little brother or sister to come along and then the family will be complete. I’ll be sure to post updates once that happens, hopefully in the next few days!

I love this last picture where one of the birds is resting on the unhatched blue egg. It’s like they just wanted to keep it warm until it cracks.

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-Out of the Wilderness

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7 thoughts on “Robin Eggs – Three Hatched, One To Go…

    1. It is so cool! They are growing so quickly too! I think the parents (mom) eats the shells for nutrients. Of the three that have hatched, there aren’t any empty eggs in sight.

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