Au revoir Norvell

As some of you know, I write “frustration posts” about Florida State because deep down I am still upset at the direction the university went back in the mid-2010s after the football team won the national championship. I will *try* not to spiral into what upset me back then, but because my family still loves the Noles and I love college football, I stay mostly up-to-date with FSU.

With that said, football coach Mike Norvell is in his second year with the team and, for this current season, has no wins and four losses. Back in the day, an 0-4 record would be devastating (not to mention, embarrassing) and coaches would have been, if not fired, put on the hot seat with a very, very short amount of time to correct things. Of course, the highest heights were with Bobby Bowden as coach, so one might say the team wouldn’t sink to 0-4 because under his coaching, they only had one losing season (1976, 5 wins, 6 losses).

FSU football hasn’t been relevant in a few years, so maybe there is room for Norvell to turn things around without fear of losing his job, like, say, Dabo Swinney, the Clemson coach who might be updating his LinkedIn profile as we speak! Two losses and only two wins? Yikes. You know something’s funky when Wake Forest is one of the best in the ACC.

Still, though, from my perspective as a football fan and knowing the way things go with top teams (again, FSU is not one), if the team has a losing record this year, I would say Norvell *might* get one more season but, honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if the university said, “Au Revoir, Norvell.”

Of course, they would say it with a lot more words in a way that covers their own butt, but either way, he might be gone unless he can get a few wins.

How far do you think the Noles will fall from the glory days? Remember, it was only 8 years ago the team was holding the trophy as college football champions. I guess things can change in a hurry, can’t they?

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-Out of the Wilderness

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