DoorDash dash pass commercial – the hound that stole the show!

I recently wrote about the new DoorDash ad featuring a lovable basset hound who holds down the fort while his person is at work. For that post, which reveals the name of the actor and the music, click here. Besides the business side of the ad (dash pass, unlimited deliveries with no delivery fee), the basset hound totally steals the show. Take a look! 

The basset’s name is Roscoe. Thanks to the team who created the ad, Martin Agency, I was connected with Roscoe’s management – Paws For Effect. Definitely go to their website but beware, you will want to adopt every single one of their animal actors, but remember – they’re not up for adoption. They are NOT up for adoption. They’re not up for adoption. Ben, do not email them again, you can’t have them… I keep telling myself that but gosh, I want all of them.

Anyway, much to my delight, I was sent info about Roscoe the basset, which I will now pass along to you. 

He is 8 years old and was adopted as a puppy. He was turned into a rescue for unknown reasons. He was always a good puppy very smart and eager to learn. Over the years he has complied quite the resume. Below is a list of some of his credits! When not on the set Bosco’s favorite pastime is sleeping on his favorite dog bed and sunbathing in the California sunshine. He loves to go on walks and the dog park is a favorite place. Snacks are his #1 favorite thing, and he always gets plenty when on the set. 


Pup Star 2 – movie 
Maytag – commercial
Volkswagen – commercial
Bank of America – commercial 
Natures Miracle – commercial 
Blue Buffalo – commercial
The Unicorn – tv show 
Pup Academy – tv show 

Didn’t Roscoe do a great job? I have hound dogs so I know just how stubborn (and food driven?) they can be, so I am very impressed with Mr. Roscoe’s work in this commercial. 

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