Significant milestones with my Nissan Versa Note

When I bought a Nissan Versa Note in 2018 I had no idea I’d be selling it a few years later. I kind of like to keep things until they are just all out of gas (pun intended!) and this car was no different. The last car I had made it over 200,000 miles (I wrote about it here) before I sold it.

I also liked tracking significant events related to the Versa. I actually posted about a few occasions during the first 5,000 miles of owning it. Check that out here.

It has since cleared 70,000 miles and is a member of the Carvana fleet now. I will absolutely write about my Carvana experience for any of you wondering how that goes as a seller. It was very, very interesting. Check back soon for more on that story.

For now, though, here are a few more landmark miles from my time with the Versa.

6,069. Driving to the hospital to spend the night with my brother-in-law who just had stomach surgery.

12,400. Driving to east Nashville to kayak the Cumberland River.

14,116. Driving to Florida to help with Hurricane Michael clean-up.

22,200. Driving back home after my friends Derek and Mary got married.

23,800. Driving to watch the Rams play the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

39,370. Driving to Tallahassee for my aunt’s funeral.

43,500. Atlanta for my niece’s dance competition.

50,724. Picking up my dog after she ran away, someone picked her up on a busy road and kept her till I could get there.

67,641. Errands with my Mom in Florida.

71,659. The last mile driven before selling the car to Carvana.

Those are just a handful of recorded moments and now I’ll be doing the same thing for a new Chevy truck. Do you keep track of events in your life? If so, how? Chime in below!

Thanks for stopping by…

-Out of the Wilderness

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