Significant milestones with my Nissan Versa Note

When I bought a Nissan Versa Note in 2018 I had no idea I’d be selling it a few years later. I kind of like to keep things until they are just all out of gas (pun intended!) and this car was no different. The last car I had made it over 200,000 miles (IContinue reading “Significant milestones with my Nissan Versa Note”

Using my car against a moccasin in Florida – dash cam video

The other day, I kinda ran over a moccasin. I kinda ran over a moccasin and kept going. The weird thing is… the moccasin kept going, too. A guy who was walking nearby said sometimes you need a heavier car. Um, WHAT??? A car should squish a snake every time. Or else, I’m gonna needContinue reading “Using my car against a moccasin in Florida – dash cam video”

On the verge of history – Versa has 199,999 miles!

She is Nissan. She is Versa. She is Black Pearl. Click here for the monumental video! Reaching 200,000 miles is rite of passage for cars today. It’s not every day that a car crosses over this hallowed ground. Well, I take that back. It probably happens every day somewhere in the world, but it’s stillContinue reading “On the verge of history – Versa has 199,999 miles!”

I’ve loved you all over the world…

I first laid eyes on her in 2007. Great curves, light, and sporty. My Nissan Versa is nearing it’s 10th anniversary as my main squeeze when it comes to getting me from A to B, and I gotta say, what a ride it’s been! With her CVT and her auxiliary input and all 4 ofContinue reading “I’ve loved you all over the world…”