A Low-Flying Helicopter in Texas

I’ve been in Texas for a few days and have been thrilled to see lots of wildlife. I even saw a black-tailed jackrabbit. I take that back, I saw TWO black-tailed jackrabbits. Those things were huge! They were hanging around with some deer. Maybe those two species get along well? But it was while IContinue reading “A Low-Flying Helicopter in Texas”

Using my car against a moccasin in Florida – dash cam video

The other day, I kinda ran over a moccasin. I kinda ran over a moccasin and kept going. The weird thing is… the moccasin kept going, too. A guy who was walking nearby said sometimes you need a heavier car. Um, WHAT??? A car should squish a snake every time. Or else, I’m gonna needContinue reading “Using my car against a moccasin in Florida – dash cam video”

Dash cam video of the good, and bad in Nashville, Tennessee

I caught a couple of instances on my dash cam I thought were worth sharing. First up is a limousine from a brand I hadn’t seen before. It’s a real showstopper. In fact, when I saw it, I literally stopped my car. Well, I was at a red light, so there was that, too. ButContinue reading “Dash cam video of the good, and bad in Nashville, Tennessee”

Somebody was in a rush – DASHCAM footage

OK, before I totally bash this drive, I’ll admit (and I’m sure we’ve all done this…) I have narrowly squeaked by a yellow light as it turned red. Sometimes it’s a split second decision and we choose to go for it because we’re late or the seat is loaded with groceries that will spill everywhereContinue reading “Somebody was in a rush – DASHCAM footage”

Should you get a dash cam?

In a word. YES! They aren’t expensive and while they’re still not very common in the U.S., they could save the day. Just today I had a friend post a dash cam video where he was turning left at a green light and another driver ran a red light through the intersection, nearly clipping myContinue reading “Should you get a dash cam?”