Freeze frames of lightning bursts through dash cam video

Nashville had a doozy of a storm come through the other day, and of course I was caught driving in it. Not fun! But! I did manage to capture beautiful lightning through my dash cam video. Take a look!

Nashville 10/06/2019

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Remarkable Dashcam Footage

I’ve been getting heckled for having a dashcam in my car. I’ll admit it’s a bit odd, but only in the U.S. With GoPro’s being mounted pretty much anywhere, police officers being fitted for chest-mounted cameras, having one in your vehicle doesn’t seem very extraordinary. Plus, cars already have cameras (think: cameras that assist in backing up). Why not have one in the front to capture things going on as you drive down the road? In other countries they are used to defend against corrupt cops as well as other civilians faking accidents (backing into you and claiming you rear-ended them). I’m an enthusiastic supporter of these cameras. I’m more and more surprised that they’re not catching on faster in America, but I’m guessing they will. In fact, I’m calling it now, one day they will be included as a package deal like power windows and automatic door locks. Just put them in the front bumper, or behind a rear-view mirror. Simple. Done.

I recently caught this on camera and it was featured in news locally, and elsewhere:
(warning: this is a highway vehicle/pedestrian accident, not graphic but still may not want to watch)

I also caught a breathtaking bolt of lightning: