Dash cam video of the good, and bad in Nashville, Tennessee

I caught a couple of instances on my dash cam I thought were worth sharing. First up is a limousine from a brand I hadn’t seen before. It’s a real showstopper. In fact, when I saw it, I literally stopped my car. Well, I was at a red light, so there was that, too. ButContinue reading “Dash cam video of the good, and bad in Nashville, Tennessee”

Picking up other people’s litter and giving it back to them

I’ll be the first to admit I can be annoying. The other day it was on display as I did this… (and yes, I have a dash cam, I love it!) There are probably multiple reasons I did this, but for sure one is because I can’t stand when people are lazy especially when itContinue reading “Picking up other people’s litter and giving it back to them”

Somebody was in a rush – DASHCAM footage

OK, before I totally bash this drive, I’ll admit (and I’m sure we’ve all done this…) I have narrowly squeaked by a yellow light as it turned red. Sometimes it’s a split second decision and we choose to go for it because we’re late or the seat is loaded with groceries that will spill everywhereContinue reading “Somebody was in a rush – DASHCAM footage”

Should you get a dash cam?

In a word. YES! They aren’t expensive and while they’re still not very common in the U.S., they could save the day. Just today I had a friend post a dash cam video where he was turning left at a green light and another driver ran a red light through the intersection, nearly clipping myContinue reading “Should you get a dash cam?”

Freeze frames of lightning bursts through dash cam video

Nashville had a doozy of a storm come through the other day, and of course I was caught driving in it. Not fun! But! I did manage to capture beautiful lightning through my dash cam video. Take a look! Nashville 10/06/2019