My experience selling a car to Carvana

If you would’ve told me in July that in just a few months I’d be living in a different home, in a different state, and driving a different car, I would’ve thought you were off your meds. And yet, every one of those things is true. Getting right into what this post is about– IContinue reading “My experience selling a car to Carvana”

Significant milestones with my Nissan Versa Note

When I bought a Nissan Versa Note in 2018 I had no idea I’d be selling it a few years later. I kind of like to keep things until they are just all out of gas (pun intended!) and this car was no different. The last car I had made it over 200,000 miles (IContinue reading “Significant milestones with my Nissan Versa Note”

This happens to me every time I go shopping

This morning I woke up and declared: Today, on this day, I will buy myself some shirts! America! I had other tasks I wanted to get done so I made a list and tucked it in my wallet. This was going to be the morning of adventure, success, and awesomeness! adventure with a few otherContinue reading “This happens to me every time I go shopping”