CarMax’s fatal error in their Usain Bolt ad

Using a celebrity to endorse a product is nothing new, so it’s no surprise CarMax called on the speedy Usain Bolt to help promote their fast car-buying service. Take a look at the ad below… There was a lot of potential for this ad to be effective, but CarMax got disqualified (to use a trackContinue reading “CarMax’s fatal error in their Usain Bolt ad”

This happens to me every time I go shopping

This morning I woke up and declared: Today, on this day, I will buy myself some shirts! America! I had other tasks I wanted to get done so I made a list and tucked it in my wallet. This was going to be the morning of adventure, success, and awesomeness! adventure with a few otherContinue reading “This happens to me every time I go shopping”