Joe Millionaire is WAY better than The Bachelor

Nearly 20 years ago I watched the first season of Joe Millionaire. It came on air just as “reality” tv was taking off, most similar to The Bachelor franchise, which has since become a %#@*#-show that somehow still has viewers. Sidenote: the ratings for The Bachelor are on a steady decline, and here’s why I’m not surprised.

Then comes along season 3 (evidently there was an international season 2 which I don’t remember) of Joe Millionaire but with a twist. There are TWO men, one is filthy rich and the other isn’t as rich. By now you probably know the details so I won’t go more into that but it’s late February and the season is nearing an end. Six women remain, none know which guy is the millionaire but some are forming what seems like real connections with the guys, not just lusting after their riches. Time will tell if that holds true.

Two things I really like about this show, especially in regards to its competitor, The Bachelor. The two men, Steven and Kurt, joke around with each other and address real-world thoughts like you or I would. The Bachelor abandoned this a long time ago. I’m not saying Bachelor contestants don’t share this on camera, but if they do, it gets left on the edit room floor so we never really see it. For instance, when there’s an awkward silence on The Bachelor, they break it by kissing EVERY TIME. As if the producers told them to kiss as much as possible without talking about how there might not be chemistry or how awkward silences might be a red flag. Any awkward situations on Joe Millionaire are handled differently, or they are addressed by someone as being awkward… which is refreshing. So the interactions between the two guys are a lot like I’d have with my guy friends.

The other thing/person I really like is butler Martin. He’s not stuffy, not completely serious (as if every episode is the most dramatic ever). He’s funny at the right times, and sincere. He’s the perfect manager for a show like this.

If you haven’t watched yet (and you like these types of shows), I’d recommend giving Joe Millionaire For Richer or Poorer a chance! You might find, like I did, that it’s a lot like what The Bachelor used to be.

-Out of the Wilderness

Published by Ben Wilder

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