American Idol: My Top 3 for 2022

It’s a little late in the game to be picking my top 3 but for someone who hasn’t watched American Idol in years, this is progress. Give me some grace here, people! I still wonder how the show is still on air and while I can’t speak for the previous handful of seasons, the cast of the current season is darn good. However, I’m not sure narrowing down from 20 to 14 was that difficult for the judges. Except for one or two, finding the six to go home was pretty much obvious. For the fourteen that remain now, here’s my list of who will make the top 5, along with who I predict to win it all. I’ll also go ahead and predict a woman will win this season.

14. Emyrson Flora

13. Christian Guardino

12. Jay Copeland (Judges voted to keep in top 14)

11. Allegra Miles (Judges voted to keep in to 14)

10. Huntergirl

9. Mike Parker (Judges voted to keep in top 14)

8. Fritz Hager

7. Tristen Gressett (Judges voted to keep in top 14)

6. Leah Marlene

5. Nicolina Bozzo

4. Dan Marshall

3. Noah Thompson

2. Lady K

1. Ava Maybee

Thanks for dropping in…

-Out of the Wilderness

Published by Ben Wilder

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