American Idol Finale – How My Predictions Are Looking

When the top 14 were announced, I predicted a woman would be crowned as the winner of this season and now we’re down to three contestants, two of which are women. I still think America is crazy for the Ava Maybee elimination, but she got gone and so did a few other favorites. The topContinue reading “American Idol Finale – How My Predictions Are Looking”

American Idol Update – A High 5 for the Top 5

WARNING: This post might spoil who got eliminated from the top 7 so read on, if you dare. Last night’s episode was full of good performances. At this point–with 7 great singers– there isn’t a single contestant that would be an obvious elimination. Here are the songs that were performed by each singer: Leah MarleneContinue reading “American Idol Update – A High 5 for the Top 5”

American Idol update – top 11 did America get it wrong?

The singer I thought would win it all is out! I can’t believe Ava Maybee didn’t make it to the top 11. Others that were eliminated didn’t surprise me as much as her ousting from the show. I think it’s a little unfair that the first performer gets more voting time vs. the last performer,Continue reading “American Idol update – top 11 did America get it wrong?”

American Idol: My Top 3 for 2022

It’s a little late in the game to be picking my top 3 but for someone who hasn’t watched American Idol in years, this is progress. Give me some grace here, people! I still wonder how the show is still on air and while I can’t speak for the previous handful of seasons, the castContinue reading “American Idol: My Top 3 for 2022”