American Idol Update – A High 5 for the Top 5

WARNING: This post might spoil who got eliminated from the top 7 so read on, if you dare.

Last night’s episode was full of good performances. At this point–with 7 great singers– there isn’t a single contestant that would be an obvious elimination. Here are the songs that were performed by each singer:

Leah Marlene – “Electric Love” (BORNS) and “Sanctuary” (Nashville TV show)

Huntergirl – “You Broke Me First” (Tate McRae) and “Like My Mother Does” (Lauren Alaina)

Nicolina – “Alone” (Heart) and “Light in the Hallway” (Pentatonix)

Fritz Hager – “All My Friends” and “The Ocean” (both original songs)

Noah Thompson – “Painted Blue” (Sundy Best) and “Landslide” (Fleetwood Mac)

Jay – “I Have Nothing” (Whitney Houston) and “A Song For Mama” (Boyz II Men)

Christian Guardino – “Lonely” (Justin Bieber) and “Dear God” (Smokie Norful)

Christian and Jay were the bottom two, so they are waking up as non-contestants this morning, although both of them have incredible talent. Here’s how my updated rankings look since the top 14. I’m holding out hope that Noah will be in the top 3 and the highest ranking country singer, but I also still think a woman will become the American Idol winner.

Thanks for dropping in!

-Out of the Wilderness

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