Alec Baldwin, the Democrats best friend or a liar? 

Alec Baldwin’s life (and possibly his career) will never be the same after that tragic death of a crew member on set of a film in which he was star and producer. Alec was holding a prop gun that fired and killed the cinematographer. Although the FBI has concluded that the trigger was pulled, Alec claimed that he never pulled the trigger. With no disrespect to the woman who died, I have a question. 

Why hasn’t the liberal left jumped on this? I mean, Dems (not all, but most) are quick to blame guns when a school shooting happens, so wouldn’t they be pleased as punch that Alec’s case is this the first where the gun actually pulled its own trigger? They should be having a field day blasting gun manufacturers while no one on the conservative right can say “guns don’t shoot themselves!” Well, partner, yes they do! At least, according to Alec Baldwin. 

Or could it be true that the FBI’s findings (which any logical person could’ve determined) are accurate? I’ve actually never heard of a gun going off by its own free will. Well, except I have an irrational fear (because of movies, I guess) that when a gun is dropped it’s probably definitely gonna go off. I was also in a car accident at the age of 13 and I desperately and hastily got out because I was sure the car was going to blow up. Thanks a lot Hollywood movies! 

But back to Mr. Baldwin’s gun. If it went off on it’s own, that’s either a terrible job by the prop master / firearms expert or the best weapon, pardon the reference, a Democrat can use in their fight for gun control. 

What do you think? Is Alec just trying to cover his own butt for the possible court case where he has to defend himself against a manslaughter charge? Or did the gun go off without the trigger being pulled? Chime in below. 

Thanks for dropping in…

-Out of the Wilderness

Published by Ben Wilder

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