Alec Baldwin, the Democrats best friend or a liar? 

Alec Baldwin’s life (and possibly his career) will never be the same after that tragic death of a crew member on set of a film in which he was star and producer. Alec was holding a prop gun that fired and killed the cinematographer. Although the FBI has concluded that the trigger was pulled, AlecContinue reading “Alec Baldwin, the Democrats best friend or a liar? “

Life and death, and “Skol, Vikings!”

Last week will go down as a landmark on my life’s timeline. For anyone who saw my recent post about having a gun pointed at me, you’ll know what I’m talking about. And for those that missed it, you can click this link to be caught up, or… to make a long story short, a fellowContinue reading “Life and death, and “Skol, Vikings!””

…and then he pulled a gun on me

*After you read this, check out part 2 of the story here* Yesterday was an eventful day, and the most notable was when I was exiting the interstate and noticed the car behind me swerving as if he was in a real hurry to get around me. The exit breaks into two lanes so IContinue reading “…and then he pulled a gun on me”