New Balance’s new “Impatient” ad, and how it offers up misleading real-world advice

New Balance has a new ad out featuring moderately famous celebrities Jaden Smith, Coco Gauff, Sadio Mane, and Sydney McLaughlin. Take a look… The catchphrase New Balance builds this commercial around, Impatience is a Virtue, is a play off the well-known proverb: “Patience is a virtue.” The point of the ad is to say thatContinue reading “New Balance’s new “Impatient” ad, and how it offers up misleading real-world advice”

My thoughts on the fatal California road rage shooting

In the news this week is the story of a young boy who was shot while in a booster seat in the backseat of a car in an apparent road rage incident. This is such a tragedy. Only 6 years old, the very definition of innocence. The Bible says God is near the brokenhearted andContinue reading “My thoughts on the fatal California road rage shooting”

Woman yelling at kids in car, and what it might mean

She was pumping gas on a cold winter day. The wind was somehow making its way past my coat, and I’m sure she was feeling the same intrusive bite. Then I noticed her lean into the passenger side window, peering back towards two toddlers buckled in. She said, “Shut up and DO NOT talk.” IContinue reading “Woman yelling at kids in car, and what it might mean”

Life and death, and “Skol, Vikings!”

Last week will go down as a landmark on my life’s timeline. For anyone who saw my recent post about having a gun pointed at me, you’ll know what I’m talking about. And for those that missed it, you can click this link┬áto be caught up, or… to make a long story short, a fellowContinue reading “Life and death, and “Skol, Vikings!””

…and then he pulled a gun on me

*After you read this, check out part 2 of the story here* Yesterday was an eventful day, and the most notable was when I was exiting the interstate and noticed the car behind me swerving as if he was in a real hurry to get around me. The exit breaks into two lanes so IContinue reading “…and then he pulled a gun on me”