The Nashville Manifesto and “The Tennessee Three”

Nothing made me more proud than seeing how the Nashville police officers handled the chaotic scene during last month’s sad circumstances off of Hillsboro Pike. Of course, the whole story is sickening, sad, and we all wish it never happened. But why did it happen? What was going through the mind of the killer? Well, I, for one, don’t care.

Some people are calling for the public release of everything the killer left behind (manifesto, journals, etc). If it were up to me, I’d burn everything without every laying my eyes on a single word. A hateful act was carried out by a person in need of lots of help. What else do we need to know?

In a private message to a friend on Instagram, Hale (the shooter) wrote: “One day this will make more sense. I’ve left more than enough evidence behind.”

Sorry, no ma’am. Wherever you are, I’d love for you to know everything you wanted us to read was burned along with your memory. In fact, it really ticks me off that she thought anyone would care about what she had to say. Instead of writing it all out for us to read later, she could’ve, ya know, TOLD SOMEONE IN REAL LIFE! Save a life or a dozen, including your own.

Seven people passed away in Nashville because of this person. Why should we give any more attention to her? Burn the manifesto, the journals, papers, writings. Trash it all. Shred it. Put it in a barn with Alex Murdaugh. Send it on a road trip with Brian Laundrie. Cover it with chicken broth and set it on the shore of a Florida Lake. Whatever you want, but we don’t need to read it. She doesn’t deserve that from us.

As much as the teachers, school, and police offers filled me with pride for a city I lived in for so long, I feel equal amounts of embarrassment about “The Tennessee Three.” This term has been given to three politicians using very immature tactics, and breaking rules along the way, to hijack the Nashville story. Honestly, they seem to care more about having attention on themselves than mourning with and supporting the hurting families of those that passed away. I’ve never believed more than I do today that to be a politician, you have to have a certain level of narcissism. Probably the same as being an actor, actually. I understand that we have to be our own biggest fans and all, but the more I hear and read about the three attention-seekers in Tennessee, the more annoyed I get.

Recently, it was announced that the three disgruntled politicians have been invited to the White House. At least they’re getting a little bit of punishment, right? Of course, they won’t see it that way. To them, it’ll be such a confirmation to delight in their newfound fame and to shake hands with other narcissistic politicians. Some are asking why the families of the victims haven’t been invited to the White House yet. To that I’d say, haven’t they suffered enough already?

See you tomorrow.

-Out of the Wilderness


Published by Ben Wilder

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