The top posts of 2017

I had so much fun posting blogs about life, love, music, dogs, and many other things in 2017. Here’s a list of top new posts from the year.

Music or music videos

  1. The woman in Keith Urban’s “Blue Ain’t Your Color” (10,653 views, posted Jan 10)
  2. The cast of Brett Young’s “In Case You Didn’t Know” (9,358 views, posted April 8)
  3. The dancers in Keith Urban’s “The Fighter” (7,661 views, posted April 5)


Dating or Relationships

  1. Ten more signs a Christian guy is into you (583 views, posted May 1)
  2. Rekindling an old flame (384 views, posted July 19)
  3. Rekindling an old flame, part 2 (285 views, posted Aug 9)


My favorite light-hearted posts from 2017

  1. A guy who (sometimes) shaves his legs (45 views, posted Sept 17)
  2. Encounter with a car salesman (39 views, posted Sept 28)
  3. Avoiding a “Talkative Tim” or “Chatty Cathy” (12 views, posted Sept 9)


My favorite thoughtful posts from 2017

  1. Thoughts about Virginia, and why I love the Nashville PD (80 views, posted Aug 16)
  2. I have a hard time saying no (10 views, posted Sept 15)
  3. Brief encounters (15 views, posted April 5)


My favorite spiritual posts from 2017

  1. What if God is the sun? (9 views, posted June 2)
  2. Jesus saved a bunch of animals, too (18 views, posted March 22)
  3. God is able (14 views, posted Feb 20)


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-Out of the Wilderness


A guy who (sometimes) shaves his legs

Now before you judge this guy, we’ll call him “Wen” for the sake of privacy, he doesn’t shave his legs consistently. He may do it once every couple of months. Except maybe not in the winter, am I right ladies?

img_20170916_193736660.jpgIt’s not that Wen is interested in having smooth legs. Heck, he doesn’t even use a razor! He uses hair clippers and it’s more to keep things from getting out of control. Think about your front yard. You don’t mow it down to the dirt, right? You just clip the grass so it looks nice and clean. Manscaping, you might say. Wen also does this on his arms, too. It’s not vain, it’s not weird, and in reality, it’s not that uncommon. According to this graph, 48.4% of men in 2015 admit to shaving their legs.

In this world of gender equality, let’s give Ben– I mean, Wen– a little freedom to shave when he feels like it, mmmk?

-Out of the Wilderness