Joe Biden tells woman to “shush”

EDIT: After further clarification, he actually tells her to “shush, shush” but the rest of the post still applies, the title has been updated with “shush” instead of “hush.”  

I’m not sure if this little outburst from Joe Biden will blow up, but when I heard it I was taken aback. You’d think in the era in which we find ourselves that a power move like this would be strongly condemned by women and men alike…

The context of when he said “shush, shush” definitely plays a part in his overall sassy attitude, as he’s being confronted by a dude talking about the second amendment, but if I were the woman I’d be pretty embarrassed.

How do you feel about this clip? Do you think Biden owes her an apology? Does the moment deserve a public explanation? Chime in below!

-Out of the Wilderness