The Bachelorette Emily Maynard Episode 1

I have come so close to boycotting the show. Well, by “boycotting,” I mean sending in an application but let’s move on. I’m in a fantasy league at work, and that makes watching the show completely bearable. Do I care which guy wins? No. Am I concerned if the relationship will last? No. Do I want to win the 2012 Fantasy Bachelorette League? Heck yes. The Bachelorette this go round is Emily Maynard. She was a likable contestant on Brad Womack’s season of The Bachelor. She lost (or won depending on how you look at it) when Brad chose her to be his wife, which obviously never happened. We were all cheering for her to win. Is that like cheering for someone to get selected for the Hunger Games? “Yay! Go get’em!! Oh, wait, what happens to them out there? Oh. Hmm.”

To reach that shore you have to leave this one.

I applaud Emily for setting sail once again with the hope of finding true love. She seems to be a genuinely cool person. But what a dumb show. Will any of the 25 guys show signs they’re interested? Here are a few that should be obvious to Emily…

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2 thoughts on “The Bachelorette Emily Maynard Episode 1

  1. Dear Driftwood.

    Just found your site, quite embarrassingly by googling “signs he likes you”. Hopefully you can help?

    I have a crush on the carpenter doing my kitchen. I was remodeling my apartment and asked a neighbor for recommendations on a firm. I got a recommendation and hired the firm and he came to start the work. During these days I was home due to just having surgury as he was forced to have my company.

    We started with polite conversations of professional kind and soon began talking about relationship status, desires for the future, values, family et cetera. I was a bit shocked to have these personal conversations and began wondering if he only found it interesting to debate, such as politics, or what his agenda was.

    Days went by and I began having butterflies. He seems like a genuinely good man with good values. Here’s when I’m starting to doubt my perception of reality or if I see signs only because I want to. There was a comfortable tone to our company, we listened to each other’s favourite music (he sang) and as a girl I started falling.

    I’ve gathered some of perceptions hopefully you can help with:

    – He asked if I was single.
    – He gave me pet names and teases me a lot.
    – He googled to find out my business as I wouldn’t tell him
    – He do not touch me
    – He speaks about himself, what he likes, dislikes et cetera and asks what I value et cetera
    (One example is: We spoke about what personalities we like to have within a partner. I gave my response and more saying it to himself he said “Good, I’m that way”)
    – He drops his mask. I was laying on the bed after surgury and in a conversations about the kitchen the mood shifted in the air and he looked at me as is eyes was on fire and changed the topic and asked that it seems like I’m an easy person to be around. Then he “took his mask” back on.
    He smiles about things I do that I do think he thinks are a bit silly/charming.
    He shares about his family and things that happened to him
    He do not at all act on the hints I give him that might lead to us spending time apart from the kitchen remodeling. However, he finds in my eyes weird reasons to come over or contact. I may overreact.
    He won’t accept food.

    As I see it there are two options. He had a really nice time working on my kitchen and thank you for exciting conversations, that’s it. Two, he might like me.

    An elephant in the room is that he is 7 years older than I am. I’m 28, ready to settle down and have a family. He continues to say my age, his age et cetera making me think he absolutely not is interested. Yet I try to that say that one should not judge one’s age but look at maturity, where in life, aspirations, past experience, chemistry et cetera. No effect when arguing this though. Solid in his belief.

    How can I proceed? The kitchen is soon done. And I would like to have him in my life more.

    What do you think about the situation?

    All help is appreciated.



    1. Sorry for the late response… how has this situation turned out? In my estimation it would seem that he was showing some signs of interest. Let me know what happened!! Thanks for reading!


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