My Trip to Vanderbilt for a Body Fat Analysis

Anything you’re willing to do on your lunch break is an addiction. Some people smoke. Some eat food. Me and my friend at work? No, we’re not that normal. We get in my car and drive to Vanderbilt Hospital for a silly annual competition that’s very annual, and actually anything but silly. It all started in 2010 when some medical people came to CMT for health screenings. They mostly just check the basics: heart rate, blood pressure, cholestoral levels, that sort of thing. They also measure body fat percentage. For 4 years this is the measurement my friend and I competed in. Two of those he was less fat, and two I was less, which lead us to 2014. A must-win situation because it’s the all-important tie-breaker. We arrived at work that day of the health assessment with excitement only to find out the Tanita Body Composition Analyzer was nowhere in sight! Are you kidding me? I’m just glad they took my blood pressure before I knew the machine wasn’t there. Will we have to wait another year for the tie-breaking numbers? Devastation ensued. That is, until Jill Brewster saved the day! She said to come by Vanderbilt later that day and she’ll break out Tanita for our annual battle.

Long story short, you’re reading the blog of the 2014 victor! Feel free to clap as long as you want. Although, I don’t know what’s more nerdy. That he and I have a body fat competition 5 years running, or that I’m excited enough to write about it. But it does give me an idea for another post. I’m thinking I’ll call it, “Valid reasons I’m still single.”

-Out of the Wilderness

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