Vanderbilt pitcher looks like Elvis Presley

My family and I got a kick out of watching the Vanderbilt baseball team in the World Series the other day. The games themselves were entertaining, with both Vandy and Mississippi State playing good ball (although they played good on separate days, making the scores rather lopsided). One thing we especially took notice of isContinue reading “Vanderbilt pitcher looks like Elvis Presley”

My Trip to Vanderbilt for a Body Fat Analysis

Anything you’re willing to do on your lunch break is an addiction. Some people smoke. Some eat food. Me and my friend at work? No, we’re not that normal. We get in my car and drive to Vanderbilt Hospital for a silly annual competition that’s very annual, and actually anything but silly. It all startedContinue reading “My Trip to Vanderbilt for a Body Fat Analysis”

A Few Things About Nashvillians

You volunteer to take your friend to the airport because you’re their friend and the gas around there is usually about 10 cents cheaper than anywhere else. You don’t know if Franklin is a suburb of Nashville, or it’s own city. While driving through the intersection of Edmonson Pike and Nolensville Road, you wonder which cornerContinue reading “A Few Things About Nashvillians”